Westin St. Clair,

EPSI Grounds Maintenance Supervisor & ISA-certified Arborist

In March of 2015, Westin St. Clair was involved in a near fatal accident when his pickup truck was run off the road by another vehicle, causing him to crash into a large metal pole. Eight painful surgeries later, Westin’s body was left connected by an array of steel rods, braces, screws, and bands. Unemployed and wheelchair-bound, he was eventually released from the hospital. After months of battling the physical and emotional challenges caused by his accident, Westin began his slow climb to recovery.

Unable to secure meaningful employment, Westin began providing residential lawn care services around Austin to support his young son and himself. EPSI interviewed Westin for a position on its 60-acre Texas Department of Public Transportation (TXDPS) Grounds Maintenance contract. Westin is now a proud EPSI employee, an ISA-certified Arborist, and a valued leader of EPSI’s Grounds Maintenance and Arborist Services team. EPSI has supported Westin’s initiatives to educate himself formally on the art of landscaping and the science of planting, nurturing, and maintaining a variety of grass, plants, flowers, and trees.

Westin is also the recipient of the prestigious Artie Lee Hinds Award. This award honors one outstanding State Use employee for his or her leadership, dedicated service, and commitment to excellence through the State Use WorksWonders Program.

Westin St. Clair represents the best of what EPSI has to offer. We invest the time and energy needed to send you the right employees and place them in the right positions. We focus on employee strengths, not limitations. There’s a little bit of magic in everyone; finding and applying that magic to support our customers is part of the EPSI mission.

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