EPSI Mission Showcased on “World’s Greatest TV” Segment.

EPSI has been recognized by the Ion Channel’s “World’s Greatest!” TV series as one of the leading providers of cleaning and grounds maintenance services. The segment highlights EPSI’s extraordinary staff and its mission to maximize meaningful employment opportunities for people with disabilities.

EPSI is on a Mission.

Our mission is to provide meaningful employment for people with disabilities. People with disabilities are the only minority group that anyone can join at any time due to accident, illness or aging. About one out of three Americans age 65 to 69 have a disability, as do one out of 10 people ages 25 to 44. The unemployment rate for people with disabilities aged 18-64 is currently three times larger than those in the same age category who report being able-bodied.

[Source: U.S. Census Bureau]

We don’t simply find work for people with disabilities; we seek out people with disabilities who want to become part of the workforce. We train them on your contract needs. We give them a job of which they can be proud. We pull them up. And we appreciate that if your facility shines… so do they.

“Let’s work together to make your facility the showplace it deserves to be.”

—Stephan A. Saia, President/CEO