A Message from EPSI President/CEO, Stephan A. Saia

As EPSI employees, we are responsible to prevent conduct that could destroy the trust of our coworkers, our customers and our community. We execute this responsibility by staying true to our values, embracing our priorities, and leading ourselves and our subordinates with integrity.

Leading with integrity requires us to know what defines proper conduct in every aspect of our business. Our actions must reflect ethical judgment. Our integrity must never be compromised.

We’ve made your ability to report ethics violations easy and anonymous. EPSI’s Whistleblower Hotline allows employees to submit ethics violations or concerns anonymously using two user-friendly avenues:

Call our third-party Whistleblower Reporting agency toll free at 1-855-662-SAFE (1-855-662-7233). Simply provide the operator EPSI’s company ID: 8834673430

Submit your report online at www.SafeHotline.com

If you know or suspect a violation of the law, a violation of EPSI policies, or a violation of this Code, report your concerns immediately. EPSI may not be the oldest or the largest non-profit agency in America, but we can be the most ethical. Help us reach that goal by following the ethics policy and reporting violations when you discover them.


Our reputation goes before us. It creates trust. It instills pride. If EPSI consistently exemplifies the conduct reflected in our Code, it will lead to our continued success and growth. But more importantly, it will allow us to sleep at night, knowing we did the right thing. I promise you that EPSI will promptly investigate all reports and take appropriate action to address your concerns. And you can be assured that EPSI will not retaliate against ANY employee for reporting an issue of concern.

Remember, an ethical workplace starts with YOU. Thank you for your support.

Stephan A. Saia, President/CEO


Please click the icon to the right to download EPSI’s Code of Business Ethics and Conduct. It provides us all a business ethics roadmap. It outlines the ethical and legal responsibilities expected of you as our employee. When you discover a situation that leaves you unclear of the proper decision to make, ask for guidance in accordance with this Code.